About Us

Simmons Street Church of Christ in Denton, Texas is a community of 100 members who seek to spend every day living our lives based on the patterns provided in the New Testament. Our church is a spiritual institution, and our mission is to administer to the spiritual needs of our members and our community as a whole.

With each passing Sunday, we hope to further define the teachings of the New Testament for ourselves and our congregation. As we learn together and help spread the teachings of Christ to our Denton community, we can also care for the spiritual needs of the men, women, and children of our community. By encouraging everyone we touch to live their lives in accordance to the Word of God, we can help our members grow and make choices through a spiritual perspective.

We invite you to take your next opportunity to seek out knowledge of the Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the True Word of God at the Simmons Street Church of Christ. We truly hope that the information and fellowship you find here will enrich your life, as well as assist you along the road in touching the lives of those around you.  

Here, we find that serving others and spreading the wisdom of the New Testament are the most rewarding endeavors in life. We’ll welcome you with open arms, no matter your story. Reach out to us today, or visit our congregation soon to experience our worship services in Denton.

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